A Pictorial Account of our House-building Experience

Wednesday, May 18th

Tuesday night we couldn't take any pictures. It was after 9 pm and dark when we got to the site. We had an awards dinner at the church and about 7 pm it had begun raining in Noah proportions. We finally got down to the site about 9:30, and it was still raining slightly, but we could see that there had been more marvelous changes. We were able to stand inside out of the rain! The front half of the house had a roof on it, and the floor on the upstairs blocked even more rain. We could hardly wait to see what Wednesday night would reveal.

After choir Wednesday night, we drove straight down to the building site. We had windows! And a front door! We had plastic stuff wrapped around a lot of the first floor! (Ok, so some things are more exciting than others.)

Someone put a house on our dirt

A door! We can keep out the varmints!
When we went inside, we found that we had stairs to the second floor. Whoops! We had stairs halfway to the second floor. Oh, well, at least we could stick our heads up and see what was going on up there. They had sawhorses and piles of lumber and lots of sawdust. We also were able to see where the dormers were going to be, and the window-placement for each one. It was really starting to pull together and look like a house.

Pretty soon we'll be able to get rid of our StairMaster!

Second-story dormers.

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