A Pictorial Account of our House-building Experience

Monday, May 16th

The weekend came and went, and so did we, going to the site a couple of times and looking at each board and pipe and wandering among all the construction and dreaming. We talked about landscaping and trees to plant and furniture we'll have to buy when we move in and all the things you need to figure out while a house is being built.

As we drove up to the sub-division, we could see the SECOND-FLOOR of the house. Where there had been only one floor on Friday, today there were two. Not finished, mind you, but definitely two floors.

Floor number 2 on the way!

See! Two floors! His and Hers!
The first floor now had a skin on it, giving it a completely different feel than it had over the weekend. You could really see where the windows and front door were going to be, without using much imagination, and even a vague sense of where things would be on the second floor.

One thing we hadn't figured on was how close our neighbors might or might not be. We had guessed, but it was brought home Monday night when we arrived and walked around back to find a foundation framework and dirt piles where we thought our back yard was. So I guess our back yard will not be as big as we had in Minnesota, but I also don't have kids at home to mow it for me, so it all evens out.

We've even got two floors when seen from the back side!

Well, I guess that means no football-field-sized vegetable garden.

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