A Pictorial Account of our House-building Experience

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Some people have wanted to see a few more pictures of our house as we have grown into it, so ...

I have heard that goldfish grow to fit their tank size. If we are anything like goldfish, we'll have this house filled up soon!

We had our daughter and a friend of hers stay with us for a week at the end of August, so we had to get furniture in before they came and had to sleep on the floor. So we got a bed for the guest room and a futon that went into my office. The upstairs couches arrived the same day the girls did. They were the first guests to sit on them!

We also had another couple come over for lunch one day - practically the first time in our married lives! - and so that precipitated getting some wall art and pillows and stuff; some of the froo-froo that you collect over the years without thinking until you don't have any. We have decided that a certain amount of stuff is necessary to make a room cozy.

The little corner by the stairs

The futon makes my office the spare-spare bedroom

Our bedroom turned out nice, I think. It's the first real bedroom suite we've had since we've been married. We got a nice bed, two end tables and the entertainment armoire. We didn't get a dresser because we have his and hers walk-in closets in the master bath with plenty of room for all our clothes.

A nice place to sleep

Watch the news before nodding off.

We have eaten in the dining room twice, I think. Once when we first got the table and then again recently when we had the youth minister from church and his wife over for Sunday lunch. So if you come by and we eat in the dining room: We must think you're special!

Seriously, we aren't finished with it, yet, either. We still need more wall decorations and pictures and stuff. It's too sterile right now. We might be able to put a corner hutch in, but that might crowd it all together too much. You'll have to come by and see for yourself what happens!

We haven't changed the living room a whole lot since we moved in. A couple of pictures on the wall and changeable stuff that lands on the coffee table. Mary has terra cotta pots sitting on there at the moment. They have seeds in she's trying to sprout: a palm tree and lemon trees, I think.

Dining Room

The living room from above

We have a nice spare bedroom upstairs, and we're still working on it to make it the kind of place we'd like to stay in if we were visiting. The room is actually bigger than these pictures make it look. There's two end tables and a dresser and a chair in the corner, and it also has a walk-in closet.

Closet on the left, homemade quilt on chair
(thank you, Becca!)

Looking toward the bed from the closet

We have discovered that we really like the upstairs family room for a lounging area on Saturday mornings. It's great to sit around in your pj's and drink coffee and watch old movies or cartoons and not hurry to do anything. Mary also likes to ride the exercise bike and watch Judge Judy up here most days.

And who hasn't wanted a red couch? We both did, and we simply could not pass up the deal we got for both of these: it was (almost) 2-for-the-price-of-one.

What will be nice when we have company is that the upstairs is like a suite by itself. You have a bedroom, bathroom and living room to enjoy without having to bother your hosts (us).

Your pick - lounging or exercise

Saturday morning or anytime

So that's about it for now. We still need to get more stuff on the walls, and we still need to sod the back yard and we still need to do more landscaping and I still have places I want to tuck caladium and ferns and hosta and lilies outside ... but you simply can't do it all at once.

Come by and see us sometime. We're not real good about inviting people over, but if you come, you'll be more than welcome!

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