A Pictorial Account of our House-building Experience

Monday, August 1, 2005

We got a few pieces of furniture today

We got a recliner for me (Yay! I haven't had one in over a year!)

We got a dining room table and six chairs to go around it. Two are the captain's chairs, with arms. The table has a big leaf that makes it about 78-inches long. We haven't decided if we're going to have it in most of the time or out.

We also got the mattress and box spring for the spare bedroom. At least now there is SOMETHING in that room.

Some of the living room

The dining room table with four of the six chairs
Getting new furniture means what? MOVING furniture around! That's what we did today! Back and forth and back and forth and here and there and uf dah!

The two extra chairs from the dining room table went into the little corner at the bottom of the stairs. We need a little table to put between them and a couple of cushions on the chair seats, but it might be cozy.

And, of course, nothing may be in the same place when YOU come to visit, so don't plan your route to the kitchen in the dark for a midnight snack based on these pictures.

Here's the extra chairs

Here's the cat in her favorite spot

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