A Pictorial Account of our House-building Experience

Friday, May 13th

Friday brought such a flurry of activity it's hard to believe. I drove by the lot on my way home from my morning walk. Have you ever seen ants swarming over a pice of dropped food? It was as if our slab was a morsel of fried chicken and the workers ants. There were half-naked men everywhere, and hammering and sawing and drilling sounds filled the morning air.

Side note: We're lucky that ours is one of the last houses being built in this development. That means by the time we move in the hammering and dust will be mostly over. Ahhhh..... suburbia!

When we arrived that evening (and do you know how HARD it is to stay away during the day??) we were met with a forest of two by fours where the day before had been basically nothing but open concrete. The first floor had been almost completely framed in the first day of building. We were stunned.

The forest!

We have a ... bunch of wood! But it's starting to look like SOMETHING!
The forest of 2x4's made it a little difficult to envision the big open rooms we had seen in the model and finished homes the developer had shown us. We were also a little afraid of knocking everything down. But that was overshadowed by another fact: We had a front door! OK. Not quite, but we had a great big hole where a front door and a couple of side-lights were going to go. We were beside ourselves with giddiness.

How did I get caught in wooden cat's cradle???

Come on in! Do you like the airy feeling our house has?

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